Leading AI Pricing Platform

SYMSON is for pricing and data managers who are tired of managing prices and forecasts based on spreadsheets, manual, repetitive tasks or guesswork. SYMSON helps you to automate your tasks, it makes advices how to increase your margin and revenue and let you combine multiple strategies together.

All-in-one machine learning platform 

Avoid the complex and many manual work with spreadsheets and gut feeling. Make the execution of multiple strategies manageable. Improve your margin.

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A summary of features and benefits

  • More accurate and effective pricing and demand forecasting

  • Higher margin 

  • Reduction of manual errors 

  • Be fully in control of the customer demand with valuable insights


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Make your decisions more intelligent by combining human expertise and technology

AI-systems often make decisions, but leave their users in the dark about how those decisions have been made. Make use of Augmented Intelligence in your decisions to create a human-centered partnership model of people and technology.

Implement your own business rules

Business rules and logic play a critical role in the efficient operation of an organization. SYMSON enables users to implement their own business rules in order to ensure compliance, set expectations, provide guidelines on work performance and help organizations automate their processes.


Geographical Pricing

Adjust prices according to the location of the buyer

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Competitor Pricing

Act on competitor prices and determine positioning

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Key Value Item Pricing

Detect the most leading and price sensitive items in your assortment

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