The AI platform for a rapid response to dynamic customer behavior

Optimize your pricing and demand forecasting decisions with machine learning. Stop using outdated approaches. Experience the convenience of SYMSON for your own business to quickly act to customer behavior and to increase your gross margin or grow your revenue.

The AI platform for customer insights

We automate and support pricing and demand forecasting processes. Our features enable you to understand the AI- decisions and increase your yield.

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A summary of reasons and benefits

  • Automate labour-intensive routine tasks for enormous time savings.

  • Be fully in control of the dynamic customer demand.

  • Valuable insights into customer behaviour such as price sensitivity and seasonality.

  • Introduce machine-learning to your pricing and demand forecasting.

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Discover how SYMSON can help your business

Explainable AI

AI-systems often make decisions, but leave their users in the dark about how those decisions have been made. Moreover, if challenged to provide an answer, the systems typically can’t provide any reasoning. Our technology provides much-needed clarity to help you understand how and why a price prediction has been made.

Detect Leading Products

Leading products are products that stimulate the price/value perception for customers and lead their buying decision. It’s extremely difficult and very time consuming to detect these products manually, but our tool helps you identify these products in seconds.


Powerful Dashboard

In our dashboard you can get an overview of your assortment and the leading KPI’s such as your total revenues, gross margin and the extra gross margin generated by SYMSON.

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Competitor Pricing

Integrate your pricing crawler or scraper into SYMSON to enrich your price optimization with this valuable data.

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Select your own optimization criteria

Play with various factors such as season, sales regions, customer segments and time related factors to determine the optimal price.

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Download our Pricing Playblook full of strategies and insights to optimize your yield management.

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