Never lose margin again with dynamic pricing

SYMSON is for pricing and data managers who are tired of managing prices based on spreadsheets, manual, repetitive tasks or guesswork. SYMSON helps you to automate your tasks, it makes advices how to increase your margin and revenue and let you combine multiple pricing strategies together.


of pricing and demand forecasting depend on intuition and spreadsheets.

Manual, repetitive tasks

Optimizing prices has a much bigger impact on your margin than optimizing your costs


     A 1% increase in your prices can increase the operating result by 8.5% 


     A 1% reduction in your costs leads to an improvement of your result between 1 and 3%.

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Use SYMSON in different pricing scenarios

Make your pricing more intelligent by combining human expertise with AI insights

Make use of Augmented Intelligence in Dynamic Pricing to create a human-centered partnership model of people and artificial intelligence.

Increase your gross margin

Implement different pricing strategies to help machine learning determine margin improvements. Multiple strategies are possible such as a competitor pricing strategy or a key value item pricing strategy.

Determine price perception and willingness to pay

Take all factors into account to determine price perception or price elasticity, such as seasonality, sales channel, customer group or time patterns.

Automate your pricing through business rules and machine learning

For companies with many transactions, a large number of customers and thousands of price-product combinations, it is a labor-intensive, if not an impossible task to optimize all prices or forecasts. Use SYMSON to automate your pricing by using your own business rules, connectivity options and prediction models.

Use multiple data sources.

Connect SYMSON to your own systems to feed SYMSON with essential data and to be able to properly process the output.

With SYMSON intelligence you can make fast, accurate, data-driven decisions driven by advanced and sophisticated machine-learning algorithms.

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Why use SYMSON?

  • Accurate and more time-effective pricing
  • Higher margin
  • Reduction of human errors
  • Better market price, new customer growth and positioning
  • Daily insight into customer buying behavior
  • >70% more effective pricing

Frequently Asked Questions about SYMSON AI Software

Competitive Pricing only takes into account the position relative to the competition and usually lets the computer make the price decision itself. We believe that more factors influence the optimal price (seasonality, price elasticity, price perception and total basket value) and that your results will be improved by using a combination of pricing strategies. This is possible with SYMSON.

We believe in the ultimate collaboration between human and machine. So our system is designed so that you still have full control. Our software gives you strategic advice and powerful insights, but the manager always makes the decision himself. For more information, you can read our vision on Augmented Intelligence.

Yes, an integration should be possible within 2 weeks. If you have any questions, feel free to contact support.

SYMSON can be connected to ERP systems such as SAP and Microsoft Dynamics, with web shops or PIM systems. Our integration experts will help you with this.

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