Accurately predict the dynamic customer behavior in minutes

Let machine learning help you determine the number of orders. Experience the support of SYMSON to overcome under- or overforecasts that lead to more efficient operations.


of forecasting decisions depend on intuition and spreadsheets.

Manual, repetitive tasks

Practice shows that every percentage improvement of your forecast can lead to a 2 to 3% reduction in costs.

Benefits of AI Demand Forecasting

Be in control of the dynamic customer demand with the help of Artificial intelligence & Machine learning

SYMSONs advanced software is built with self learning machine algorithms that can combine several sources that will allow you to make better data-driven decisions. Traditional demand forecasting systems that use only historical and sales data for prediction are not fit together to unify the end- to-end supply chain

Automate the complex part of Demand Forecasting with intelligent software

No more complex calculations or recalculations by hand and reduce the amount of human errors. Let our platform do the math and optimize your supply chain distribution, forecasting and planning.1

Save time and be more efficient

No more complex calculations or recalculations by hand and reduce the amount of human errors. Let our platform do the math and optimize your supply chain distribution, forecasting and planning.

Optimize your resources

The power of our AI driven software lies in recognising complex patterns of big data that will translate itself into an estimate of future demand about how much, when and which products should be stocked in your inventory. Never sell No again and provide a better customer service

Work smarter, faster and better

Our advanced software will increase your companies efficiency and understanding and predicting customer demand has never been easier. Reduce human calculation errors and inaccurate predictions. Make fast accurate estimations and predictions about future customer demand over a specific period

“Frequently generation accurate forecasts has never been easier with SYMSON AI Platform”

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  • Machine Learning models that can replace the traditional time series methods
  • Expand demand forecasting models with additional drivers from own and/or public sources such as promotions, the weather, important events or social media
  • Real-time data to provide managers with daily forecasts
  • More analytical decision making and demand shifting techniques

Frequently Asked Questions:

As said above, demand forecasting is part of demand planning. With demand forecasting you give a prediction based on historical data, but with demand planning you also take other factors into account. Like labour, logistics and distribution.

There are several methods of demand forecasting and they all have their own pros and cons. A list of the different demand forecasting models and techniques are listed in our blogpost or can be explained during a demo.

This is of course a common question. SYMSON can be linked with all ERP systems such as SAP and Microsoft Dynamics or with web shops or PIM systems. Our integration experts will help you with this.

We believe in the ultimate collaboration between man and machine. So our system is designed so that you still have full control. Our software gives you strategic advice and powerful insights, but the manager always makes the decision himself. For more information, you can read our vision on Augmented Intelligence.

Yes, with the development of our forecasting tool we take user friendliness very seriously. Our software is easy to use and easy to learn. If you have any questions, feel free to contact support.

Download the Ultimate Guide for Demand Forecasting in Post-Covid

The Coronavirus outbreak is a global humanitarian pandemic that has affected millions of people across the world. The world is not like it was that of last January. In this whitepaper we discuss the challenges in Demand Forecasting and how your organization can benefit from AI.

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