1. Dashboard

In our dashboard you can get an overview of your assortment and the leading KPI’s such as your total revenues, gross margin and the extra gross margin generated by SYMSON.

2. Price Elasticity

Calculate price demand elasticity per product and per customer group to determine the price sensitivity.

3. Business Rules Optimization

Apply different business rules in your price optimization such as a minimum gross margin, family pricing or stock/ non stock pricing, so that the advice from the algorithm is practicable.

4. Competitor Pricing

Integrate your pricing crawler or scraper into SYMSON to enrich your price optimization with this valuable data. 

5. Explainable AI

Often, AI systems make decisions, but end users are in the dark about how conclusions were reached, and if challenged the systems themselves can’t provide any reasoning retrospectively. Our technology provides much-needed clarity to understand how and why a price prediction is made. 

6. Pricing Automation

For companies with many transactions, a large number of customers and thousands of price-product combinations, it is a labor-intensive, if not an impossible task to optimize all prices on margin.

With SYMSON you are capable of automated pricing through a combination of prediction algorithms, business rules and connections with the internal systems (APIs).

7. Detect Leading Products

Leading products are products that stimulates the price/ value perception for customers and leads their buying decision. It’s hard and very time consuming to detect these products manually, but SYMSON helps you identify these products in seconds.

8. Select with your own optimization criteria

Play with various factors such as season, sales regions, customer segments and time related factors to determine the optimal price.

9. Run Machine Learning

Let the machine go through thousands of data points and patterns to help you find the optimal price.

10. Report

Download your price analyses to PDF, excel or integrate it directly into your operation systems. 

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