Frequently Asked Questions

November 28, 2019

Below is an overview of the most frequently asked questions before using SYMSON.

Why buy from you? What makes you so special in the market? 

The main benefits from buying SYMSON are: 

  • complete approach to integrate AI Pricing or Demand Forecasting in your organization; 
  • SAAS solution; easy to implement and integrate in your software landscape; 
  • focus on wholesale and retail, we understand your business;
  • flexible approach; select the features that are valuable. No lock-in. Cancel whenever you want. And if you have ideas for features; we listen to you. 

Who are you anyway? 

We are a dedicated team with data scientists, software engineers, academic researchers and entrepreneurs who are passionate about pricing, demand forecasting, machine learning and data. Four years ago we were a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence and now we are a proven player in this field. Via this link you read more about our story and vision.

When is the best moment to start with this? 

One thing is certain; every company has to become a data-driven company will it survive the coming decade and will use AI software to optimize their key processes. If you start with this earlier than the competition, you learn to adopt this technique in your organization and you can start realizing the benefits. In this field partly the winner takes all. Becoming a data driven company is an evolutionary process. Therefore you must start small fast and learn fast by organising quick learning loops. 

What data do I need?

In this data format you get an overview what data SYMSON needs to optimize the prices.

What results will I exactly get from this? 

The results are based on: 

  • a x% gross margin improvement; 
  • an improvement of the price prediction; 
  • save time and cost in the price and demand forecasting decision making process

Is it possible to try this out first? 

Yes, we work with a “Guided Trial” in which we schedule a workshop on you location and you can test with the tool after importing your transaction data. 

What do I get when I become a customer? What are the features? 

You can read a full overview of the features, on this page. With our customers we are continuously improving the current features of SYMSON and add new ones. 

How do I present this to my management? 

Please read one of our articles on this page, or schedule a call with us to understand what value we can add for your company. 

What does it integrate with? 

Our API’s  enables you to connect SYMSON with a lot of other platforms. We work with very experienced partners for integration. 

What is your revenue model? 

Our revenue model is based on  a one-time set up fee to integrate SYMSON in your organization and a monthly license fee for using our platform. 

What’s included in the license? 

In the license is included: 

  • Technical support 
  • Maintenance of your specific model and environment 
  • Hosting 
  • Training & Coaching

Is your question not included? Please let us know!