SYMSON helps you to optimize pricing and demand forecasting with machine learning

SYMSON Pricing helps to optimize your pricing with the help of smart algorithms. The tool gives you advice on how you can improve your margin per product or per customer. The big advantage is that you can implement different pricing strategies per product so well suited if you want to experiment with different prices or if you want to automate predefined strategies.

SYMSON AI Data-driven Software

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We automate and support pricing optimization and demand forecasting processes. Our platform enables you to understand AI decisions and thereby improve your gross margin.

  • Automate labour-intensive routine tasks for huge time savings.
  • Valuable insights into customer behavior such as price sensitivity and seasonality.
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Customer value-based pricing model

Ultimately, the customer decides whether the price of a product is right. Therefore, from a marketing perspective, pricing decisions, like all other marketing mix decisions, should start with customer value. When a customer buys a product, he exchanges something of value (the price) to get something of value in return (the benefits of having or using the product or service). Therefore, effective pricing must focus on the value that the product brings to the customer: Customer value-based pricing. Effective customer value-based pricing involves understanding how much value customers place on the benefits they receive from the product. We then need to set a price that reflects this value.

Customer value-based pricing uses the buyer’s perception of value as the key to pricing. In this model, the price is set based on the buyer’s value perception. Therefore, the marketer cannot design a product and marketing programme and then set the price. Instead, price is an integral part of the marketing mix – it is set before the marketing programme. In SYMSON, you can perform and automate customer value-based pricing.

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The AI platform for customer insights

We automate and support pricing and demand forecasting processes. Our features enable you to understand the AI- decisions and increase your yield.

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A summary of reasons and benefits

  • Automate labour-intensive routine tasks for enormous time savings.

  • Be fully in control of the dynamic customer demand.

  • Valuable insights into customer behaviour such as price sensitivity and seasonality.

  • Introduce machine-learning to your pricing and demand forecasting.