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About Us

Our story

SYMSON is an acronym of Smart Yield Management Software. We enable companies to quickly act to customer behavior and to optimize their prices and demand forecasts. SYMSON is product of E-Tail Genius, which is an AI-technology company based in Rotterdam. E-Tail Genius started as a spin-off from the Erasmus University Rotterdam to translate the scientific knowledge into practical solutions. We bring together scientific models, data science and software engineering in an AI platform (SYMSON) where customers can quickly respond to dynamic customer behavior.  We are passionate about pricing, demand forecasting, data and machine learning and continuously improve our software with our customers and partners.

Our mission

SYMSON has been developed to enable companies to act quickly on the dynamic customer behavior and to make companies more profitable by optimizing and simplifying their pricing and demand forecasts with modern (AI) technology. We want to enable our customers to manage the thousands of customer-price combinations and to have a rapid response to the dynamic customer behavior. Although there is already a huge amount of data with our customers, only small parts are used. The way to use this data most efficiently is to collect it from multiple sources, gather insights and to act upon it. Traditional approaches are very labor-intensive and complex and are therefore often driven by hiring expensive consultants which by no means provide all insights or advice on a large scale. SYMSON provides the technology and insights to make your company smarter and more profitable by using your own data, experience and best practices. In this way you will also get more customer insights that can be used elsewhere in the marketing and sales process.

Our vision

The companies who are making the most of artificial intelligence and machine learning as a technology today are the big tech giants such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Netflix. Currently, many companies are being sidelined by these giants because they do not have access to this technology. We offer you the technology and approaches to be successful in the digital age and to make your company smarter by continuously acting on the dynamic customer behavior. At SYMSON we are big believers in bringing the human- and machine perspective together. We like try and build technology that gives organizations superpowers, rather than replacing them. The phenomenon to bring human- and machine knowledge together to solve problems is called Augmented Intelligence.

Our product

We deliver a tool that enables companies to optimize their prices and demand forecasts in the best way possible. Built for both SME’s and enterprises, it’s the best way to collect your data from multiple sources, gather insights and to act upon it. The platform enables users to execute multiple pricing strategies, detect leading and led products, run machine learning algorithms to define the optimal price and last, but not least execute the prices on a large scale. Your data is encrypted and stored in our cloud, fully GDPR compliant. SYMSON’s API allows you to seamlessly integrate this process with your existing IT systems. Let SYMSON optimize your pricing and demand forecast decisions!

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